The Next Step in Our Evolution: From eDiscovery Advisory to Kindato

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The past few months have been an amazing journey for our team at eDiscovery Advisory.  We’ve been blessed with opportunities from a diverse set of client-partners ranging from eDiscovery, Information Governance, Disaster Recovery, Knowledge Management, and Healthcare information technologies.   We’ve quickly grown beyond our eDiscovery Advisory brand to a broader technology and advisory practice. I recently wrote about creating an "eDiscovery as a Service" (eDaaS) automation solution in Microsoft M365 to achieve the “State of Kindato”–achieving “Knowledge and Intelligence through Data” utilizing our Kindato Innovation Lab.    The name “Kindato” resonated with our partner team, Michael Epstein and Jason Thompson.  I’m pleased to announce that our organization will now fully operate under the Kindato ( umbrella with 4 distinct practice areas:  Kindato eDiscovery Advisory – Our technology and provider agnostic advisory practice around eDiscovery & IG challenges leveraging automation and workflows based on our extensive in-house experience.  This includes our M365 eDiscovery as a Service™ (eDaas) combining Microsoft automation technologies, defensible playbooks, customized Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery 2 (AED2) training, and dedicated support staff.  Kindato Advisory – Our technology advisory practice including implementing technology programs related to overall technology strategy, disaster recovery, knowledge management and data management.  Kindato Tech – Our technology development team delivering customized solutions currently focused on healthcare and education technology.  This team recently built a Vaccine Management and Scheduling Solution (VMSS) built in on Amazon Web Service (AWS) as a SaaS solution.,  Kindato Labs – Our technology playground with a proprietary test dataset (that’s not Enron) to validate technologies as well as experiment with technology integrations.  We can only offer these services because of the team working with us to deliver.  Our internal culture and north star for Kindato is all about “Exceptional People, Extraordinary Results”.    There will be more to come as we transition our marketing and messaging to Kindato.  We are grateful for our community, partners, clients, and teammates. This includes my personal video cast/podcast, “Out of Curiosity” which has evolved around my background as an oral historian to capture [...]

eDiscovery Advisory Joins the EDRM

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eDiscovery Advisory is excited to announce we have joined the EDRM as a Bedrock Partner. Partnering with the EDRM provides us the ability to connect and network via events to a global community comprised of multidisciplinary professionals contributing to enhance e-discovery, privacy, security and information governance frameworks, processes, and standards. One such contribution is to the Data Mapping Project, which is designed to document community standards around the creation of a comprehensive inventory of an organization's data. Participating in the Data Mapping Project will be Jason Velasco, our founder and one of our primary advisors. In addition to the Data Mapping Project, the eDiscovery Advisory team will participate in other EDRM projects and participate as subject matter experts for future webinars. On March 2, 2021, eDiscovery Advisory will be spotlighted on the EDRM BrightTALK channel where we will share an overview of the services we provide including our M365 eDiscovery as a Service solution. Stay tuned for more information on that and future events. Read the original press release.

Knowledge & Intelligence through Data: The KinDato Innovation Lab

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One of the unique opportunities I have as an advisor working with organizations looking at data information governance and eDiscovery issues is that we have an opportunity to look at the strategic use of data within an organization. Over time what we have learned is that organizations get value and reduce risk from data by making sure there is a combination of Knowledge and Intelligence that is driven by Data, or as we call it…the state of “KinDato”. As part of that effort to improve the use of technology and gain value from data within an organization we built the KinDato Innovation Lab, allowing us to assess and leverage multiple technologies through integration and workflows. In the context of eDiscovery and data management, we look at integrating numerous tools in an agnostic way since we don't have a specific relationship with any specific tool or provider. Our goal is to create effective integrations within a client’s environment particular their technology stack. Every organization that we work with uses different types of technologies to manage both their knowledge and data across their organization. From an eDiscovery viewpoint, this is challenging especially when trying to identify sources of relevant information as well as understanding the value and risk of that data.  At the core of things, it is really all about data and understanding that data from various stakeholder perspectives. The KinDato Innovation Lab is completely agnostic to the technology used in our innovation.  For example, we work with mid-size organizations on leveraging the technology they have in-house specifically around Microsoft M365 Advanced eDiscovery solution. Many organizations can’t spend the money or effort on complex eDiscovery technologies.  They simply want to be able to have an easy to use and defensible workflow for things like third party requests and data subject access requests (DSARs).  The KinDato Innovation Lab worked with the built-in Microsoft tools using PowerShell, Graph API, SharePoint and other automation techniques to build a system within the Microsoft Teams environment to create a defensible workflow for these types of cases.  More complex eDiscovery matters that require a greater effort will of course have a different workflow, but this approach will save clients a significant amount of money and effort allowing them to [...]

2020 eDiscovery and IG Corporate Initiative Survey

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What happens when a global pandemic intersects with corporate eDiscovery & IG initiatives?  We’re curious about what’s happening with these initiatives as well.  Please share your insight by taking the 2020 eDiscovery and IG Corporate Initiatives Survey hosted by the eDiscovery Advisory team.  The survey is six questions and takes approximately two minutes to complete.  A final report will be provided to participants that sign up at the end of the survey. One participant will be selected and $100 will be donated to St. Jude's Medical Center in their name.     Share your insight and help a great cause!!!  2020 eDiscovery and IG Corporate Initiatives Survey  Thank you from everyone at the eDiscovery Advisory Team!!!