Information Governance & Management

Records and Data governance managers face significant challenges dealing with unstructured data such as emails, file servers, document management systems, and non-traditional data sources (e.g. Slack) . The eDiscovery Advisory team works with clients to improve operational efficiency through process automation using a best of breed technology and analytics approach.

Our customized approach to discover document locations, classify, and apply policies to retain or dispose of data helps organizations mitigate risks and comply with regulatory requirements.  

Our services include:

  • Program Assessment – The eDiscovery Advisory team will take a snapshot of your current state of the existing IG program and policies through the enterprise and develop a set of recommendations along with business case for implementation
  • Data source mapping -The eDiscovery Advisory team provides you with a custom planning, design, and implementation utilizing state of the art analytics technology.  We can create a comprehensive and defensible inventory of an organization’s technology systems that may be involved in eDiscovery requests or regulatory requests.    
  • Data Auto Classification and Data disposition – The eDiscovery Advisory team leverages analytics and indexing technology to identify and auto classify data to make determinations for policies to retain or delete electronic data. The risk mitigation exercise done in conjunction with legal counsel is critical to managing the vast amount of data sources including legacy servers, backup tapes, third-party technologies (e.g. Box, etc.), and current systems.   
  • Compliance Surveillance and email archiving – If you are considering implementing or transitioning your compliance email archive or surveillance technology, the eDiscovery Advisory team extensive experience both in financial services as well as within regulators that can short-cut many of the pitfalls of assessing, implementing, migrating data, and managing these large data repositories. 
  • DSARs – Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are coming in fast and furious as part of the GDPR which grants individuals the right to access their personal information (PI) from an organization. Organizations are facing the challenge of timely responses without disclosing personal data and confidential/privileged information.  The eDiscovery Advisory team will assist you with developing the workflow and technology solutions to address this complex issue. 
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