Legal Hold Management

A defensible legal hold process with detailed documentation, processes, and reporting technology is critical to meet an organization’s legal obligations.  The eDiscovery Advisory team has experts who can develop and implement  successful legal hold programs by leveraging proven workflows and reporting, including the change process within an organization.  Our team has extensive experience migrating complex legal hold workflows in a defensible manner.

The eDiscovery Advisory team has worked with most of the legal hold technologies used today as well as with proprietary in-house technology.  Our services include:

  • Legal Hold Program Assessment – Gap analysis of the current state with clearly defined steps for risk mitigation by speaking with key stakeholders across the organization.
  • Technology Assessment & Selection – Gather the requirements that meet the needs of the organization, assess technology and service providers through a defined proposal process, and provide recommendations
  • Implementation, Planning and Execution – Develop a clear project plan with internal and external resources to deploy the selected technology. Migrate data and holds from the previous system through a defensible process.
  • Training and Change Management – Work across the organization to provide change management solutions for adoption of the organization’s legal hold program.Develop a training curriculum to allow users to interact with the system across the enterprise. Develop and document workflows to be included as part of an eDiscovery Playbook.
  • Oversight and Management – Continuous metric driven assessment to measure the success of the program. Provide resources as needed to support the legal hold program
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